Sunday, June 29, 2014

Garden Lover of my Soul

Laura, that is of whom I speak. she is my partner in this venture called Thyme in the Garden. And tomorrow is the 'echoing day of her birth' as poet John O'Donahue wrote.

We are united in our love of things that grow. When she was a very little girl, about 4 or so ,on her swing one day, she asked me." mama, why can't I touch the sky?" I wasn't sure how to reply but after 30 plus years, I have realized she touches the sky every day. She is passionate  about the garden and her love and artistry with plants are evident. She gives me the gift of glimpses of nature's beauty through her eyes- and I am blessed beyond compare day after day as she gives of herself in so many ways. I have watched her grow professionally these 8 years and would be honored to be half the woman of strength and beauty that she is. My Laura, garden lover of my soul!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Slowest of the performing arts

I once heard a garden designer describe gardens as being one of the slower performing arts. I have often thought how true that is..... An apt description of what unfolds day by day in the garden.
This year, the changes wrought by significant flooding just as May began, allows for new choices , much editing and interesting observations . Amazing difference in the soil, flooding transported 6 to 9 inches of sand and silt over much of the garden. Some plants completely disappeared while others emerged apparantly unscathed. Sweet William bloomed its heart out.Comfrey, peonies, orange butterfly weed,roses and lilacs all endured as well as a multitude of yummy strawberries . The Brown Turkey Fig is slowly returning and asparagus got the jump on me as it always does!
At first, I was kinda devastated by the flood, but experiencing the ever renewing growth in this little piece of earth is a daily performance of magic and art not to be missed.