Friday, March 28, 2014

Rhubarb Ruminations

March 28,2014
Whenever I feel bad (well actually good or bad!) the garden is my 'go to' place. It almost always brings me to a better place, a better frame of mind. Yesterday, I had just a short hour ,but my oh my, what I discovered!
Rhubarb already 6 inch green leaves, abundant chickweed, masses of spring bulbs, especially the tiny ones I never remember the name of, though I think are actually Ornithogolum umbellatum ( those yummy little white star flowers commonly called Star of Bethlehem). Careful if you plant them, they spread everywhere but are so early and sweet you can't resist letting them grow wherever.

And in the greenhouse, all those sad brown stems of various wintered over plants are ready to be cut back to the beginnings of new life! I always get excited about seeing them because I never really remember what is in those pots until they begin to appear, having lost the tags quite some time ago!

Winter has taken its toll on so many shrubs this year. Plenty of pruning to get done. And we still have days of frost possible  up through Mothers Day so keep that in mind. But keep an eye out because this is the beginning of joyful spring ephemerals and goodbye to winter ruminations!
 And cut some fresh stems of whatever is in the garden ready to force. Magnolia solangeana, Quince(a personal favorite!) Forsythia, Wild cherry, and even curly willow is such a lovely forerunner as spring emerges.

Friday, March 14, 2014


This is my first post so when I learn how to post pictures, I have one to share. But for now, I began with this topic only because  I have two lovely pods and some seeds sitting on my desk. And they remind me that they are still in their dormant  winter state, as am I. One would think, as we are all so ready for Spring, that  I would be READY!  But every year, I go into the garden on a yummy warm day and realize that I am already way, way behind! However, hope SPRINGS eternal so I am excited to report that the peas , fava beans and spinach are planted and the crocus and my favorite little tete a tete jonquils are blooming and the quince stems are being forced along with the magnolia soulangiana and the first grape muscari peeked it's lovely blue  bloom out of the ground!

New birth , baby birds ,soft brown earth, and all the wonder of God's green earth, Next week , first day of Spring is my actual  birthday! You will find me most days digging away, always trying to catch up and hopefully grabbing a few minutes to share a bit of the joy that the garden brings. Stop by for a visit!