Saturday, April 19, 2014


I've just begun reading a wonderful book called Summer with the Leprechauns ,a True Story by Tanis Helliwell. So I am thinking a lot about the various elementals that may live in the garden! And about evolution. Evolution of how the garden changes over time, how our beliefs change and grow over time, and how important is seems to pay attention to these evolutions.

Tanis writes about being co creators, which is an ideal we have embraced at Thyme in the Garden. One of my favorite things I have loved is the collaboration of ideas, creativity, fun and beauty that continues to evolve here. We have been having fairy garden workshops for quite some time,but this is a new adventure- to call upon the leprachauns as well as the fairies and gnomes in our garden! Now that our gnome hut no longer resides as our garden focal point, other changes are afoot as well. This year I intend to grow more veggies  and will be setting up the beehive next month when the queen and her nucs arrive. I am calling them my 'grandbaby bees' and can hardly wait to have them in their new home! I imagine them joining the elementals and making magic all summer long.!  And I will be watching closely  to the signs and activites of both the seen and 'unseen' in the months to come. As I was turning under some ground the other day, there was an interesting little critter . Hopefully I can post the picture, though I'm not really sure how to connect it with this post.  So if you see a strange orange critter all by it's lonesome on the page somewhere, that's the one! And let me  know if you see some mischief in the garden, I'm sure those leprachauns are up to something!

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