Sunday, May 18, 2014


Vermiculture has long interested me ..... how those little brown worms can make such lovely soft soil! Out of garbage no less.! I have to admit, I am kinda complusive about saving banana peels, tea bags and veggie trimmings, all for the little darlings!  Eisenia foetda is the official name of these redworms or'wigglers'(don't use night crawlers or other types of worms and a suitable plastic bin with holes can go right under your kitchen sink.
Just this week, I am now the proud grandmother of my beautiful grand baby BEES! A very dear friend gave me her bee equipment and hive, I purchased the queen and nuc which arrived last Wednesday. They were so gentle and sweet, simple to lift them out of the box and right into the hive. After of day of getting settled  in, they seem happy and busy!!! I could spend hours watching them, but had to get busy getting the electric fence up because our neighbor shop keeper two doors down reported big ole bear on the prowl...... So say your prayers for my girls........

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